Some random doodle

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Last friday, after i came back from dinner, i suddenly felt so bored. It is not good to go to the bed yet since i just ate my dinner. So i turn on the tv. Nothing that appear can entertain me that night. So i remember that  back in the office i did gather some references that can help me in painting and stuff. So i turn on my pc and start looking at those pictures. Then i grab my tablet and just start doodling. After like 3 hours here is the outcome. I didnt really have a title for it since everything are so random. I think it is ok than my previous painting. So that is it for now. 🙂



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Today i continue my work and model a crocodile head. as i continue working i wasn’t aware of the polycount. The outcome is a high poly crocodile head. I wasn’t really high actually but somehow i had to lower the poly count a bit. or else it is going to be difficult to do the facial setup later on. hmm. what a waste of time. next time i had to be extra careful. 

Cerita satu kancil & Sahabat Jonker Street

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I has been a long time since my last post. I am too busy enjoying my life, hanging out with friends and work. There has been up and down but as everyone knows, life goes on. I am currently working on a new animation series for the company where I am working now. As for now i would like show 2 short clips made by my company as a side project for MICTH(Mallacca ICT Holding) where i was partly involved in character modelling and animation.

Iron mraz

•November 8, 2009 • 2 Comments

Today is sunday. I woke up pretty late since last night i go out with my friends till late. After lunch i remember about haris assignment then i just doodle iron man with vest and hat make him looks like jason mraz. Then i named him iron mraz.

iron mraz2

Jungle Jail

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I have already started my raya holidays officially today. I am going back to ipoh tonight with my friend. Feeling kind of bored since i got nothing to do today. Then i started to watch an animation on the net as to find inspirations. Found this one. Totally superb! awesome!. I like to share it with u guys. enjoy!

btw to all muslim, i would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya and maaf zahir dan batin

another texture update

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I didn’t satisfiesd with the previous texture. the skin looks too yellow and flat. so i decided to re paint the texture of the skin. Later i can rig and facial setup . enjoy! 🙂




texture update

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